Hi, my name is Jesse Jones and I am an inspired gardener and trained horticulturist.
My love for gardening began at a young age while helping my grandmother with her garden each year. During harvest, I was always tasked with the mission to find the best and most crisp cucumbers for grandma’s infamous dill pickles. Being among the vines, discovering each worthy cucumber would bring me immense joy and a sense of accomplishment. I was continuously amazed at how the vines grew to provide food and just the right ingredient for grandma’s pickles, all of which were enjoyed by the whole family. My grandmother also had the most beautiful flowers, some of which were dahlias with blooms the size of dinner plates and sunflowers three times my height. I’ve been hooked ever since!
Both of my grandmothers exposed me to large vegetable gardens and beautiful cut flower gardens but it wasn’t just the beauty that intrigued me… their gardens have always taught me the value of hard work, care and patience. Along with these values, the right knowledge and expertise, the result has always been a rewarding garden full of surprises and benefits. My grandmothers had a positive effect on me by sharing the mysteries of the natural world right from their own backyards. This fostered methods of stability, sustainability, peace and healing through plants and the natural landscape, which is something that I am committed to sharing with the world today.
I have over 10 years of experience working with homeowners, growing beautiful gardens in the Calgary area and I currently enjoy growing and gardening locally in Airdrie where I grew up. Aside from personal hands on gardening experience, I’ve studied for my Horticultural Technologist Diploma at Olds College in Olds, AB. I’ve also studied permaculture and have obtained my Permaculture Design Certificate with Verge Permaculture in Calgary, AB.
In my gardening experience, I’ve noticed a growing interest in small, urban gardens that don’t necessarily fit into a one-size-fits all landscaping solution. These types of gardens require a thoughtful and focused approach, customized plantings and effective maintenance to ensure they do well and look beautiful while remaining manageable. I offer my expert advice and guidance while contributing to an assurance that the money you spend on seeds, flowers, vegetables, soil, mulches and garden treatments are not in vain and that your methods and efforts will be worthwhile.
I specialize in soils and plant material, focusing on plant health, performance and care. I focus on the softscape primarily because I know that even the best of landscaped homes and gardens need a working knowledge of horticulture, whether it be the right plants, plant-care or seasonal maintenance to make a garden shine and be a rewarding endeavor. I have the knowledge and skills necessary to make your garden abundant, eye-catching and will have all your neighbors stopping by to take a look and enjoy.
I have experience working in greenhouses, botanic gardens, small farms and small urban gardens. I have expertise in permaculture, food forests, sun gardens, shade gardens, vegetables, greenhouse cultivation, cut-flowers, wildlife gardens, ponds, sensory gardens, flowering trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals and more. I will help you with assessing your soils needs and adding amendments to make it suitable for growing. I will help you select strong, healthy plants at the garden centre/nursery that will best suit your climate and growing zone and I will help you place the plants in the right places within your garden to ensure they grow. With my help you can have a beautiful garden and the knowledge to care for it throughout the seasons.
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